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ModusOperandi does not only show you whether your individual solution is right or wrong, but shows you additionally line by line whether a specific line is correct, incorrect or contains a consequential error


Our Pro-version also shows you exactly where your mistake happened.     



Get general hints which support you in finding a correct solution. This could be reminders of formulas or procedures.

Additionally, our specific hints  show you what exactly you did wrong, e.g. "You used an incorrect antiderivative."

Similar tasks

Are you not sure about a certain type of task and want to practice it more? No problem, we will provide you with similar exercises to give you an even better learning experience.

No more searching for new tasks! And the best? With ModusOperandi, you'll know straight away whether you've solved the tasks correctly.      

Teacher Code

You can store the Teacher Code of your teacher or tutor in your student profile. Teachers will find their Teacher Code in their profile. 

With the added Teacher Code you are able to send the task directly to the teacher. They can then respond them directly or collectively in class.

This feature can be used without a subscription.

Google Classroom

Our Google Classroom feature allows you to post your tasks directly into a selected Google Classroom. You can also add an individual message and let your teacher or your study group know where you are still struggeling.

Additional help

You can't find the right solution despite our hints or do you have another question on your task?

Contact our tutors and you will quickly receive an answer via e-mail.

Math Keyboard

No pen and paper available but really want to know whether you can solve a task correctly? 

No problem, our math keyboard will help you to enter the solution in a simple and uncomplicated way. 

After entering your solution manually, the analysis takes place as usual.     

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