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ModusOperandi #teacherinpocket - Facts & Features & Links

ModusOperandi - your #teacherinpocket (we’re available 24/7)


  • Verifies individual, handwritten math solution paths

  • Developed in collaboration with educators

  • Works in three simple steps:

    • Solve: Solve math problem as you did before (with pen & paper, but tablet/iPad works as well of course)

    • Scan: Take a quick picture of the solution with the app or load an image (e.g. screenshot) from the gallery; if necessary, select a suitable area.

    • Learn: Get immediate feedback if your solution is correct. In case of mistakes you get hints, a matching video for further explanation and similar tasks to give you the opportunity to practice even more.














We do not simply provide you with the solution! 

It is important for us to emphasize that we only support you in finding the correct solution - we do not simply give it to you.

  • You should achieve long-term learning success and thus improve your mathematical skills. 

  • Only possible if the tasks are worked on by oneself - because one learns from mistakes

  • In addition to that: there are often several different ways to solve a task. Standard solutions only help to a limited extent.


Current features:

- General hints (e.g. corresponding rule/formula)

- Specific hints (e.g. wrong derivative, The constant term was not calculated correctly)

- Short explanatory video for repetition

- Get similar tasks from ChatGPT to enhance your learning experience

- Recognition of subsequential errors: Reduces frustration in case of errors, because users can recognize that only a small error was made and falsify the result -> not everything was wrong! (: 

- Editing of the recognized: useful for scratchy handwriting or if something was recognized wrong 

- Easy login with Google & Apple

- Teacher code -> tasks can be sent directly to (tutoring) teachers if there are still questions.

- Enter solutions directly if you don't have anything to write and want to get an assignment verified directly 😉 

- Get help from a tutor, e.g. if your teachers don't want to/can't work with ModusOperandi.
- Upload image directly from Google Drive
- Post analyzed images directly to your Google Classroom; you can add a personal message


Our current languages: German, English, French, Croatian, Russian, Ukrainian


Verification of the solution is possible without any subscription.

Hints, videos and similar tasks are only possible with a subscription.


Our Subscription: 

Includes hints, videos, similar tasks and unlimited requests to a tutor.

  • monthly: 9,99$

  • yearly: 39,99$

         → This is significantly cheaper than tutoring, no juggling with deadlines, …


Also available as a school license on request. Therefore, please contact




Instagram (english):



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